Game of Thrones might be over but the surf season just started in Europe. Is your quiver on spot?

Are you still searching for that magic board? Well the trick is not all in the shape itself, but the correct way to order the perfect custom board. The shaper is got to know you a little better to make your new surfboard suit your surfing like a second skin.

Here is a little guide line to order your new “magic” surfboard (shortboard, fish, groveler, funboard, longboard or whatever…) the right way!


  • Be honest with yourself, most of us are wether John John nor Kelly and even if we know that we think always we surf that little bit better than we do actually. So tell your shaper the truth even if it hurts.


  • Give the man information. Where do you surf, how often and tell him about your boards and the boards you had, what you liked on them and what you would like to improve.

  • And please forget about volume in liters, this is the shapers job, he knows his models and the volume distribution needed to make the board work for you.

    So let’s go follwow the link and fill out the form and be the happy owner of a brand new magic stick in about 4 weeks 😉

    Here we go!!! Click me to order your new board.