Surfboard quiver favorites

Bulls Eye: 5ʻ8

Air Model: 5’7

Bladerunner: 5’11

Bladerunner: 6’0

Bladerunner: 6’3

Lewis Leadbetter

Born: 1994, SC de Tenerife

Lives: Lanzarote/Tenerife // Canary Islands

Physical Dimensions: 1,79m – 73kg

Sponsors: Nexo Surfboards, Klaesik clothing, Palmbeach surfshop, Surf fight club

Favourite Wave: El Quemao, Lanzarote

Favourite Manouver: Barrels, Airs

Best Trip: Mentawaii

If the World was mine: I’d share it.

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Lewis’ magic board:

“The Bladerunner is my favorite board. It is an incredible Allround Shortboard and I also use it as my step-up board for hollow waves like El Quemao or in the Mentawaiis. It offers an easy and fast take off and really brings the barrel riding and rail to rail surfing to the next level. I have mine in various sizes to cover nearly everything I surf from 2 foot to double overhead conditions. The normal version comes in with a a thruster FCSII setup but I order mine with the 5 fin setup to adjust the board to the different conditions, for me it makes the board even more versatile…”