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Bull’s Eye : 5’0″ x 18″ x 2″

Joshi Holy

Born: 29.04.2001

Lives: Munich, Germany

Physical Dimensions: 1.65m and ca. 50kg (+)

Sponsors: Nexo Surfboards, Wavepatrol, Big Ding

Favourite Wave: many! (Eisbach, Munich, Beach breaks in France, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Ecuador….etc.)

Favourite Manouver: Eisbach: Backside Air reverse / Ocean: Carving

Best Trip: California 2016

If the world was mine: I’d try to end alle the wars and create a peaceful world! I’d Protect the environment and I’d also try to build as many river waves or wave parks in landlocked regions!!!

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Joshi’s magic board:

“The Bull’s Eye is a a board with a bit more of width but it’s still very easy to turn. It’s easy to get it into the air and the wider tail makes landing the airs more easy. As it’s shape is especially made for smaller waves, it is a good shortboard for the Eisbach (riverwave in Munich) because you have a bit more of volume under your feet. The board is fast and turns, as I have already said really easily what makes it so fun to ride!… em>