Surfboard quiver favorites

Bulls Eye: 5ʻ9

Uppercut: 5’10

Uppercut: 5’11

NX-02: 6ʻ1

6.4 18 3/16 2 3/16 round pin
6.6 18 3/16 2 3/16 round pin
6.9 18 3/16 2 3/16 swallow

Franito Sáenz

Born: 1976

Lives: Lanzarote // Canary Islands

Physical Dimensions: 1,73m – 65 kg

Sponsors: O’Neill, Nexo Surfboards, Seventyone Percent, Cool Shoes

Favourite Wave: El Quemao, La Izquierda de La Santa

Favourite Manouver: Big Barrels, Frontside Re-entry

Best Trip: Australia

If the World was mine: I would give it as a gift…

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Franito’s magic board:

“The NX-02 is my all time favorite, it is a step-up board that handles plenty of size and has an incredible grip in the tube. The good paddling and fast take off gives a lot of confidence and allows you to go really deep and critical right from the beginning. I have mine in various sizes to surf the mostly powerful and hollow reef breaks of Lanzarote…”