River Boards

High Performance Shortboards and Hybrid shapes perfect for radical new school maneuvers in static riverwaves or artificial waves (wavepools, …) Riversurfing is conquering Europe and the demand for boards working well in that kind of conditions rises. Here you will find a fine selection of Riversurfboards that have been tested by our teamriders and clients mostly in riverwaves like the Eisbach, the artificial Citywave in Munich or Siampark Wavepool in Tenerife and other riverbreaks in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain & Norway. You can order Stock or Custom boards:

Soyuz full description


Sizes: 5’0 – 6’2

High Performance River Surfboard

High Performance Riverboard for radical New School maneuvers and rail to rail surfing allowing sharp cutbacks and throwing lots of spray. The shape is perfect for powerful Riverbreaks as for example the famous Eisbach Riverwave in Munich. Order yours 3 to 4 inch shorter than your “normal” Shortboard…


The Rowdy Fish Hybrid full description


Sizes: 5’5 – 6’6

Riversurf Hybrid Performance

This high performance hybrid is working very well in nearly any kind of riverwave. It has great flotation and inertia which makes it really easy to take off in sections and it provides plenty of stability when landing aerials or radical maneuvers. Order yours 4 to 6 inches shorter than your everyday Shortboard…


Air Model full description


Sizes: 5’6 – 6’2

High Performance Riverboard

This shape form french shaping legend JP Stark is performing excellent in powerful riverbreaks. Big airs and fast radical maneuvers have come to a new level with this high performance Shortboard. Order yours 3 to 4 inch shorter than your “normal” Shortboard…


345 Fish full description

345 FISH

Sizes: 5’5 – 6’0

Quad Performance

High Performance Fish with the possibility of using it with 3, 4 or even 5 fins. With this board you could almost ride a ripple, providing extraordinary acceleration and punch. Order yours 4 to 6 inches shorter and 1 inch wider than your usual shortboard…