Nakoa Decoite having his Galgo Guns tested in Maui’s number 1 proving ground PEAHI aka JAWS

Step-up boards, Semiguns & Guns

Our gun surfboards have been tested in very serious conditions by our riders allover the world from massive JAWS (Maui, Hawaii) to XXL Europe (Canary Islands). Speed, control & plenty of confidence in critical situations are guaranteed by these shapes.

NX-02 Step Up board full description


Sizes: 5’10 – 6’5

Step Up Board

The NX-02 is the result of mixing up our NX-01 Allround Performer and our Heckler Semi-Gun model. The result is a board adjusted to fast, hollow and very powerful waves that are not too big…


Heckler Semigun full description


Sizes: 6’3 – 6’9

High Performance Semigun

Designed for powerful, big or hollow waves from head-high to double-overhead. Easy wave entry, handling speed with exceptional turning capabilities…


Galgo Gun Surfboard full description


Sizes: 6’10 – 10’4

Big Wave Gun

When conditions get to over double-overhead this is your board. This shape has been proven in serious conditions. Good paddling to anticipate the take off and overall slim outline to make it…