Fish Surfboards

Fish Shapes are for definition short, wide, thick surfboard shapes with a flat rocker, usually designed for small or weak/windy waves. Thanks to their shape and volume distribution they plan very easy, provide good flotation and speed and thanks to their shortness they are agile and feel lose, allowing a fluid and fun surfing in poor wave conditions.

Fish boards are also a good option for advanced beginners to take their surfing to the next step, functioning like a step between funboard and shortboard.

We offer you a wide variety of Fish Shapes from High Performance Fish Hybrids for radical surfing in small to very small waves to more classic fish boards including Twin Fin shapes for the purist surfers. You can order stock & customboards:

Soyuz full description


Sizes: 5’8 – 6’1

High Performance Hybrid

Hybrid between Fish and Shortboard. Designed for high performance surfing in smaller or weaker waves. Perfect mix of flotation, fast planning and maneuvrability…


The Rowdy Fish Hybrid full description


Sizes: 5’5 – 6’6

Small Wave Performance

High Performance Hybrid. Very fast with great paddle power, flotation and inertia. This model is seeking for some air sections and takes off very easy. Order yours 4 to 6 inches shorter than your everyday Shortboard…


345 Fish full description

345 FISH

Sizes: 5’5 – 6’0

Quad Performance

High Performance Fish with the possibility of using it with 3, 4 or even 5 fins. With this board you could almost ride a ripple, providing extraordinary acceleration and punch. Order yours 4 to 6 inches shorter and 1 inch wider than your usual shortboard…


Mantra Fish full description


Sizes: 5’6 – 6’1

High Performance Hybrid

Fish in it’s purest form. Small, wide, thick and flat. The perfect board for small and weak waves. Order yours 3 to 4 inches shorter and 1 inch wider than your usual shortboard…


The Big Fish full description


Sizes: 6’2 – 6’7

Big Guy Fish

igger and wider fish adjusted to the needs for surfers heavier than 80kg or alternative for beginner to intermediate surfers. Big, fat and wide for more floatability and stability…


Amonite Fish full description


Sizes: 5’7 – 6’2

Classic Style Fish

This fish with it’s mayor width in the nose area implies a more classic surfing style. A board made for advanced surfers who tend to put more pressure on their frontfoot…