Jean Pierre STARK is a living legend in France based in Anglet and we are proud to have him frequently as our guest shaper. A passionated craftsman who has worked with big shapers like Eric Arakawa and pro surfer legends like Tom Carrol, Tom Curren, Chris Ward.. for example. Always focused and developing new surf technologies like his award wining PHENO Technology (EPS foam featuring carbon tubes). Besides shaping excellent boards, Jean Pierre is a humbling fellow and if you are lucky you even run into one of his jam sessions with the band in the Anglet – Hossegor area.

Our all time favorite model is his Air Model a high performance shortboard shape that works in lots of conditions but especially in beachbreaks.

Name:Jean Pierre Stark

Shaping since: 1981

Number of Boards shaped: ~20.000

Known for: High Performance Boards and shaping for Tom Curren and Tom Carroll..

Influence: Feedback from the riders.

Philosophy: Best board adapted to every surfer his level and style.

Funny fact: Practicing Qi Gong every morning and he loves bodysurfing

Message to client: Enjoy your ride!

Message to World: Keep our beaches and the water clean!!!

Favorite model: Air Model in Pheno Technology


Shaper logo JP STARK


Now: Big One in 7’0 x 21 ¼ x 2 ¾, back in the older days: 2 Guns one in 7’10 and another in 7’4…