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Shaper: F.G. | Nexo Surfboard Factory Spain | Foto: Lucas Tozzi

Our international shaper team is always researching, developing, testing and fine tuning new surfboard models for any kind of surfing in any kind of conditions. Our boards got tested allover the world wether it is pumping reef breaks in the Canaries, hollow beachbreaks in France, 2 foot mushy onshore conditions in Portugal or 50+ foot in Jaws aka Peahi in Maui, Hawaii. Our goal is to provide any surfer the proper surfboard satisfying their needs by offering customer friendly shapes independent of their surf level or surfing style.


We provide a wide range of different surfboard models of every category (Shortboards, Grovelers, Fish, Funboards, Retroboards, Semiguns, Guns and Longboards) but our shapers are also always keen on doing custom surfboards to meet our clients individual needs.

F.G. Fernando Gutierrez Europe Headshaper Nexo Surfboards


Head Shaper Europe

Fernando Gutierréz is one of the founders of Nexo Surfboards. A passionate craftsman with a perfectionist’s spirit. Always stoked on new shapes and fine tuning models. Shaping is his life 24/7

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JP STARK French Guest shaper Nexo Surfboards



Jean Pierre Stark is a french shaping legend with a big passion for all kind of shapes and very focused on developing new surf technologies. He has been working with big names like Eric Arakawa, Tom Carrol…

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Avila USA Headshaper Nexo Surfboards



AVILA is our US Headshaper based in San Diego (Oceanside), California. He loves all kind of shapes and has a big focus on High Performance and Fish Hybrid boards. A really open minded Shaper with good reputation for his big wave guns for JAWS.

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