Made in Europe and USA

Close up in the shaping bay with Nexo Headshaper FG

Sadly there has been a huge change in the recent years on the surf market. With epoxy boards being high in fashion and global brands opting to produce surfboards cheaper in Asian countries the market and the customer acceptance is in change. Years before buying a board made in Asia (China, Taiwan, Thailand,..) was a no-go, nowadays customer are used to see those boards in shops and at the same time the big brands are spending more money on marketing to sell those cheap boards now also expensive, occupying the market from cheap to expensive boards all made in 3rd and 2nd world countries.

Obviously they are in their right to do so, but at the same time it is sad to see more and more local/regional businesses allover Europe, closing their doors, lot’s of people in the surfboard business losing their jobs etc.

But it is not only the economic impact (which it has for sure if instead of producing regional, everything is imported, there is a negative balance, whereas the surfboards are for sure the smallest issue if you see it globally…) but also a cultural loss we think, it will mean less variety and less choices, less craftsmen and at the end less competitors. So Surfboards will be just another capitalistic spiritless consumption good depending the price just on the sticker they put on the board…

Not saying that our product is super spiritual, but hey you can come by at the factory have a chat with your shaper and see what’s going on in the factory. There is still some personality in it…

Shaper’s science talk – JP Stark and FG discussing some curves

So against all trends we still think there is a special value in surfboards made in Europe and USA that’s why still put all our effort and passion in every single board we make and pronounce proudly “Made in Europe and USA”.

New Nexo Surfboards logo “Made in Europe and USA”

Help us preserve the magic of surfboard manufacturing and support your local shaper/regional business!

FG controlling the contours.. Foto: Lucas Tozzi