Our quality standards are very high and we really care about the whole process and that is the reason why we produce our boards without exceptions in our own two factories. This allows us to control the quality in every step of production which is really essential for guaranteeing a high end product.


The European Market is served by our factory based in South Spain and the US market is served by our factory based in San Diego, California. These two strategic locations allow us to serve our business partners and clients the best possible as in quality as in time.


Our factories are perfectly organized and provide plenty of space for every step of board making process. Various shaping rooms to host our Head- and Guestshapers as well as 3D Shaping machines and fully equipped glassing, painting and sanding rooms guarantee the high quality level of our product.


Our infrastructure gives us the perfect conditions to produce stock boards and also offer custom surfboards. Production lead time is about 4 weeks. Customers can order their surfboards totally personalized in terms of size, rails, tails, concaves, fin setups, carbon patches & color. We ship our boards allover Europe and USA. Other destinations to be consulted.

nexo surfboards factory glassing