“High Quality for High Performance” is not just a slogan it is an attitude!

Real craftsmanship, passion and high quality standards are the keys to offer our clients the best product. This is the reason why we produce our boards in our own factories in California (San Diego) and Europe (Spain) using only best prime material and really take care of the whole process.

We are lucky to count on a world class team of shapers like F.G. (Spain), AVILA (California) and JP STARK (France). Who with experience, passion and patience always give their best to make the best boards possible for any kind of wave or any kind of surfer.



We are working close together with our team riders of all over the world, who really push the level and test our shapes in the most different conditions. This feedback allows us to help our clients get out the most of any kind of waves, from 1 foot mushy beachbreak to 8 foot pumping reef slabs or 40 foot Maui Giants.

Over 30 model outlines are the result of long-lasting research, adjustments and testing. This process is continuing constantly and our shapers try to improve their work based on the feedback they get from our riders and our everyday clients to serve surfboards that are 100 percent user-friendly.

With the appropriate board everyone can improve his surfing, talk to your shaper, be honest with yourself and listen to the man!

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